Who I am

I’ve been writing since I could hold a pen.
Spinning stories is just how I roll.
There is nothing I could say that I couldn’t write better.
My pen is my instrument.

Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing – Hofstra University, 2010
Peace Corps Volunteer – Jamaica 2013-2015


Ask me to tell you a story and I’ll attempt to express how I feel. I am like the water, constantly changing and my directions nondescript. Before you stands a mountain capable of bowing in the wind. An indelible number limits my perception but my pilgrimage remains unyielding.

Touch me with your heart. All I am is the truth pouring from my lips.  Pivoting slowly she sets the tempo, and I wonder why, then, we race to finish the song. This timeless passion extends just beyond my reach…

Pace yourself. I promise I’ll still be here even after you’ve gone. Resilience sets me apart; humility grounds me. This lucid cynicism will be my vice.

Take me as I am. I am nothing but a pulse destined to dream of more.


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